9 Tips to Make Your Summer Containers Bountiful

Container Gardening

Today’s episode of Container Gardening Made Easy is about 9 Tips to Make Your Summer Containers Bountiful 


  • One of the biggest mistakes beginner’s make (and how you can plan like a pro)
  • We’ll walk through the 9 must-haves for your container garden to flourish 
  • You’ll walk away with a list of resources I’ve shared in the Container Gardening Made Easy Toolkit. You can grab your free copy at: growcooknourish.co/toolkit 
  • Summer is 6 weeks away and it’s the perfect time to start planning for your summer’s bounty! 
  • Even if your bounty is one container. 
  • One container is a great place to start.
  • I remember starting with a basil container in a tea kettle with 7 little leaves growing inside. 
  • Start where you are with what you have.
  • If you want this summer to be the summer you get your space flourishing… with goodness… get ready for 9 tips to make your summer containers bountiful!

 If you’d love to plan like a pro, but don’t know where to begin, grab the Container Gardening Made Easy Planner, (The fun, simple, easy-to-follow plan gives you exactly what you need to grow herbs and veggies you love)