Growing Rosemary: Container Gardening with Herbs

Container Gardening

container gardening made easy
growing rosemary in containers

If you love cooking pasta, potato, poultry, fish, and beef dishes and adding a piney, warm, and savory flavor… pull out a plate!

This week’s episode of Container Gardening Made Easy is all about growing rosemary! This piney, woody, and savory favorite is adored by many cooks…

You’ll hear:

  • You’ll hear why growing your own is worth every penny, while its evergreen aroma brings every dish to life
  • How rosemary is being used “medicinally” today
  • How to grow your own so you always have it on hand (during the holidays and beyond)
  • Fun facts and some mouthwatering recipe ideas (did someone say, “Warm focaccia with rosemary and olive oil?”)

Whether you love cooking indoors or over an open fire, you’re going to love this week’s episode!

Listen and enjoy this piney, woody, and savory favorite, growing rosemary: container gardening with herbs (download the cheat sheet).