Parsley in Pots: Container Gardening with Herbs 

Container Gardening

container gardening made easy
parsley in pots: container gardening with herbs

If you’re joining me from anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, Happy Spring!

Spring is the PERFECT time to start planning your herb & veggie container garden… and I’m happy to help! 

This week’s episode of Container Gardening Made Easy is all about growing parsley in pots! It’s a great way to kick off spring… with a cool-weather herb.

I’ll share my crazy soup-making mix-up when I went shopping for parsley last winter (it’s easy to get it mixed up with this other tasty herb).

You’ll hear:

  • Why now is the perfect time to start your container herb garden
  • Fun facts about this flavorful herb
  • How to grow parsley in pots
  • How this good pest can actually help your container garden
  • Why parsley is WAY more than a garnish and a soup, salad, and herb butter you’ll want to try

If you’re ready to stop reading and start eating… listen to this week’s episode of Parsley In Pots: Container Gardening with Herbs and take your dishes to the next level.

You’ll find the Container Gardening with Italian Parsley Cheat Sheet right here.

 If you want me to personally help you start growing herbs and veggies on your small patio, balcony, or deck this spring and don’t know where to begin, visit me at: