Growing Mint: Container Gardening with Herbs

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growing mint in containers

If you love the idea of sitting on your patio with a hot cup of mint & lemon tea, Iced orange mint tea, or any other mint variety… you’re going to LOVE this week’s episode!

This week’s episode of Container Gardening Made Easy is all about growing mint and a few surprising benefits of growing your own just steps away from your kitchen. 

You’ll hear:

  • Why mint is one of my must-haves (my favorite tea and dessert varieties) 
  • Surprising benefits of growing your own (just steps away from your kitchen)
  • One of mint’s natural superpowers 
  • How growing mint helped me “keep my sanity” during COVID and other stressful life events
  • Tea, salad, and dessert ideas you’ll want to try

If you’re ready to hear all about cool, soothing, and minty goodness, listen to this week’s episode of growing mint: container gardening with herbs.

Listen to this week’s episode and download the cheat sheet right here: