Growing Oregano: Container Gardening with Herbs

Container Gardening

container gardening made easy
growing oregano in containers

If you love salsa, pasta sauces, and savory veggie dishes… you’re going to LOVE this week’s podcast episode! This week of Container Gardening Made Easy is all about growing oregano! A savory, pungent, and peppery cooking favorite!

You’ll hear: 

  • A few hidden benefits of this Greek, Italian, and Spanish favorite
  • Oregano’s perfect pairing partner (it makes your sauces sing)
  • Fascinating ways it’s being used in medicine 
  • How to grow your own oregano in containers (step-by-step)
  • Mouthwatering pasta and veggie recipe ideas you’ll be dying to try

If you love adding this savory cooking herb to your Greek, Italian, and Spanish dishes…

Listen to this week’s episode and download the cheat sheet right here: