3 Delightful Benefits of Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Show Notes:

Welcome to the Container Gardening Made Easy, I’m Asia Small Space Gardener, reformed plant killer (RIP Oregano, I’ve drowned more plants than I can count), and now gardening coach for beginners who want to transform their small spaces into nourishing spaces.

Gardening started as therapy, as a way to calm my anxiety. Teaching full-time, starting a new business, and struggling with perimenopause had all caught to me.

One day I stumbled into my local garden center. I remember strolling through the shelves of fresh smelling herbs. Sweet basil, lemon thyme, fresh mint… I was in heaven. 

I picked up my first basil plant. I’m rubbing the leaves, stiffing the stems… it was sooooo intoxicating. In the very best way. I told that plant, “You’re coming home with me,” that was in 2011 and it’s been a love affair with container gardening ever since.

So what are 3 delightful benefits of container gardening?

#1- Grow your own herbs and veggies; no matter how small your space 

Whether you have a tiny yard, patio, or deck you can grow your own food. I started small. I grew a few herbs and veggies my back deck one container at a time. Containers are great for small, even tiny spaces. You get to enjoy fresh, organic, goodness you’ve grown with your own hands.

#2- Cook what you grow and love eating 

Imagine growing fresh herbs and adding them to your favorite dishes. Imagine growing your own leafy greens, peppers, tomatoes for salads, soups, and veggie bowls. Container gardening inspires you to grow and cook goodness. And, there’s something deeply satisfying about cooking with herbs and veggies you’ve grown with your own hands.

#3- Nourish your body and soul

Container gardening is all about growing and cooking goodness. But it’s also about melting stress and bringing joy. 

Every morning when I step out on my tiny deck, I remember why small spaces are inspiring spaces… nourishing spaces.

Calm washes over you. Wisdom speaks to you. Nature recharges you.

That’s why I’m so passionate about container gardening.  It’s soothing, life-giving, and nourishing all at once. 

So remember, you don’t need a big backyard. You have all the space you need to grow goodness.

You have all the space you need to grow your own herbs and veggies, cook what you love eating, and nourish your body and soul.

Here’s what to expect from future episodes…

  • beginner-friendly tips: step-by-step guidance for growing your own herbs and veggies (if you’re wondering “where do I begin?”)
  • easy-to-follow resources for starting your own container garden
  • garden chats-about my own container gardening adventures, challenges, and how I work through them (so you’ll be inspired to keep going)

If you’ve been thinking about growing herbs and veggies on your small patio, balcony, or deck… and don’t know where to begin…

Here’s your first goodie… grab your free copy of the container gardening made easy toolkit: https://growcooknourish.co/toolkit